Tuesday, September 08, 2015

First Online build - Flintloque Halflings

I've now decided to try and do my first online build inspired by Tony Harwood and the other more regular bloggers.

My subject is the Flintloque HEVC Halflings from Alternative Armies where I have a couple of packs which means I am also doing my first conversions of Flintloque figures in this build too. I have a number of figures that I won't try and do as part of this as I want to do more conversion but I have got one conversion as part of this.

I'd not got pictures of the figures before I undercoated them or started painting so I have to start with what I have. Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures but I was experimenting with using my phone camera.

The front view of the figures included:

Rear view

And the conversion - I'm trimming back the figure on the right and then will build up his sleeves so that he has a closed jacket and sleeves rather than the Mr T styled original.

And now with the arms built up with milliput and based on one of the new resin cartouche bases with a bit of milliput used to disguise the figures cast base.

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Tony said...

Looking good.

And welcome to the band of On-Line Builders.....