Sunday, December 27, 2015

Final Painting Update of 2015

So I did manage to finish off a few more figures over the festive period meaning that I have reached my best ever total for 28mm figures helped by the desire to get together both the figures, markers and wandering monsters to play Frostgrave with. 

The warband is mostly still WiP but should start to finish off early in the new year with my varied band of adventuring types from the plastic set and additional figures coming through. 

First up some humans - a Beowulf figure from Ral Partha and a near eastern thief that I'm not sure of the make of. 

My first 28mm mounted figures completed - 2 Alternative Armies Goblin wolf riders

4 Alternative Armies wolves that I got for my Erin project but that will be useful for other games like Frostgrave. 

A Wraith that is from the late 70s and I am unsure of the manufacturer of and 2 Mantic ghouls.  
All useful for Frostgrave. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Some more terrain, dwarf, goblins and Frostgrave

Some more bits of terrain finished off and a couple of treasure markers for Frostgrave. There is a foray into paper craft terrain now which I suspect will be the majority of the terrain that I use as I have walls that can be made as modular terrain with the slots used to join them. The paper terrain I am using is from David Graffam games via WargamesVault.


A dolmen made of actual stones on an old CD-Rom with a figure for scale.

Frostgrave treasure markers

Papercraft building

Nilbog's band - 6 goblins from Alternative Armies.

2 scratchbuilt fences (each 15cm long) and an Alternative Armies Dwarf

Monday, November 23, 2015

Notables Challenge - Completed figure - online build

At last I complete my figure for the Notables group challenge, a halfling marauder. Armed with a tankard and equipped with a pack and pie. The pack is made from milliput but the pie half and tankard are from Alternative Armies as is the HEVC halfling himself.

Here he is together with another halfling I painted at the same time, originally a standard bearer I've given him an axe as I already had a standard for this section.

I've enjoyed doing these conversions and will do some more on the other HEVC halflings I have left to paint. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Notables challenge 2015 - online build 4

And now very close to completion, only any final retouches, varnishing and basing to complete.

 Front view showing his tankard

Back view with a pie and painted on buckles for the pack.

And with the other halfling I decide to build whose base still needs building up.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Notables Challenge - online build part 3

Very quick update with a phone camera shot to show progress - most of the basic paintwork is done now, just into the details.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Notables challenge 2015 - online build part 2

The notables group can be found on Yahoo at with the specific post that got me started here.

My updates with an undercoated figure with the accessories of a tankard and half a pie added from accessories sold by Alternative Armies and a pipe added from wire and green stuff. It was the first time I've really used Squadron's Green Stuff and I found it a bit different to my usual Milliput so I think I'll have to check out any tutorials on it online to make things easier next time.

I've also started doing some work on another halfling on the right from my spares as he was originally a standard bearer but not wanting 2 standards in 1 section I've replaced it with an axe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Notables Challenge November 2015 - my entry online build 1

As the Notables Yahoo Group has now got its first challenge around a theme of 'Le Marauder' issued I've decided to take part.

As it is a single figure to be  painted up I've gone with one of my Flintloque halflings that was already earmarked for a conversion job.


In the end I have used milliput so far rather than green stuff and I have selected a pie and a tankard to add.

Work in progress - I didn't take one of the figure after I'd finished doing some carving, but it can be seen I've removed his knife from his hand and built up sleeves on him and added a pack.

As the photos probably show the figure over life size they are useful to identify odd bits I still need to tidy up on the conversion work.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Frostgrave Terrain Piece

One more piece of work finished - a stone circle which got started an awful long time ago, which shows just how long this and Goyah from the last update took to get finished.

 Firstly to show scale with an old Citadel dwarf and King Fernando of the Dark Elves from Alternative Armies.

Three views from different angles. Though I will use this for Frostgrave I have made the basing on this piece as summer style as it will mainly be used for Fantasy games.

 Some more WIP on terrain and miniatures - Wolves for Frostgrave - Alternative Armies figures with a few more dry brushes to get the coats where I want them.

 And a Dolmen - like the standing stones actual garden stones and an old CD repurposed.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Painting Update 31 October - Flintloque

An old Citadel Dwarf with an inferiority complex and the dark elf artist Goyah from the Flintloque range by Alternative Armies.

The artist and his model (though I finished the Todoroni noble a long while back).

And some Ottermen again for Flintloque

With a back view

Friday, October 30, 2015

Frostgrave and other WIP update

Some more finished Frostgrave markers and the first mini for it finished a Templar with a two handed axe.

Some work in progress some of which might allow me to field a dwarven band in Frostgrave

Four Alternative Armies  dwarves that are part of a set of Dwarf Cavern fighters but for Frostgrave could be treated as an infantryman, thug or infantryman, knight, knight and the mailed axeman in the next picture as a templar.

And some Reaper figures for monsters

Monday, October 05, 2015

Getting Started with Frostgrave

My Frostgrave project is now getting underway though I had already started assembling some of the miniatures and undercoating them. Its also given me an incentive to get on with some other things that have been hanging around in my collection.

First finished items - 5 treasure markers

Work in progress
More treasure markers

Knight, Man at Arms, Infantryman, Thug, Thief, War Hound, Thug, Crossbow and Thug

Ranger, Tracker, Sigilist, Man at Arms, Apprentice, Archer

All the above from the North Star range

Wolves (Alternative Armies) and Ghouls (Mantic)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flintloque Halflings - Online Build September 15 Finished

And now the painting, varnishing and basing is done.

I enjoyed doing these as doing a simple conversion on one to give him sleeves helped make the group more individual and painting uniformed figures is so much easier than doing irregulars with different colours all over.

Now I need to get on and finish the other Flintloque figures that I have in progress - some Ottermen infantry, Goblin Dragoons on Dodos and civilians. After that I'll probably concentrate on my Frostgrave stuff in 28mm for a while.