Saturday, January 02, 2016

Plans for 2016 and 2015 in review

Plans for 2016

Painting - priorities will be finishing off the stuff in the pipeline which means a lot of 28mm fantasy including my first Flintloque cavalry (Goblin Dodo riders) and Frostgrave warband, monsters and terrain. I've also got plenty of WWII stuff in 20mm to do with terrain and vehicles as a priority and in 15mm I'll concentrate on the American Civil War with cavalry and artillery as the main arms to focus on.

Gaming - going to try and finish profiles for some of the painted Flintloque sections that I have and get some games in with both Flintloque and Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction, Long Rifle, Swordplay and Nuts rules. I'm also hoping to get in some games of the Lardies' Chain of Command with my WWII figures.

Other rules I hope to try out are Crossfire and Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames rules from the book of the same name.

2015 in Review

Good for painting not enough games played, not as many miniatures completed but a lot more 25/28mm figures. I did get a few games of Ogre and Up Front played but not much with the miniatures.

I managed to get to the Dragonmeet and SELWG conventions and maybe hope to get to Salute in 2016, but will have to wait and see how that goes.