Sunday, April 21, 2013

Upcoming painting work

Some more miniatures that need finishing off - which will be my priority. Not pictured in here are some Alternative Armies Elven duellists. Those haven't been worked on since I last posted pictures of them here. 

Dwarves - Alternative Armies, Citadel, Heritage, Asgard and unknown make

Undead - Alternative Armies Skeletons and Zombies

Some more odds and ends that I picked up on ebay of unknown makes.

WWII things to get on with - SHQ Skdfz 11, Kubelwagen and German troops. 
MMS - M5 Stuart, PSC Pak38

PSC Panzer IV

PSC Sdkfz251/1D

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Painting update 20 April

I managed to get a lot more work done completing my WWII Infantry that I had as work in progress before now. I'm trying to hold off starting much at the moment as I found that being over ambitious ended up in getting bogged down in March.

Revell US Infantry in winter gear

Italeri US Infantry in winter gear - containing the very useful rifle grenadier figure. 

Revell US Paras - I've very much completed my platoon now apart from HQ and the Mortar squad. 

Revell late war German Infantry - automatic weapons and a flamethrower

Revell late war German Infantry - rifles with K98 and G43

Italeri late war German Infantry - released as elite troops but painted as Heer.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Painting Update 7 April

At last some progress, Found that I tried to be too ambitious in March hence delay to finishing all that stuff. The only bits to complete on these now are a few need the snow effect added to their bases and the US Paras need flock, but these will wait on some more figures that I'm varnishing at the moment with similar stuff to add. 

After these there will be a bit of a flood of stuff getting completed as I've got a large number of my WWII project just needing retouches, varnishing and basing to be ready. Then onto building some vehicles and support weapons for these and putting the finishing touches to a number of 25mm metal figures for a variety of games.  

Revell German WWII automatic and special weapons.

Revell German WWII riflemen

Italeri Geman WWII elite troops

Revell US Paras.