Saturday, May 05, 2012

Painting update 5 May

More work on my Flintloque collection - Todoroni and Joccian Highlanders.

Todroni noble (jacket in Vallejo 959 Purple, trousers in 957 Flat Red) and Todoroni officer, singer and standard bearer. With the areas of these to be in black (shoes, bicornes and gaiters) 'm experimenting with using dark brown or grey and then using a black wash over to see if that produces the effect that I want. These still need the black applied over the Vallejo 822 Camouflage Black Brown and 995 German Grey.

The muskets have now been painted on the troopers with 875 Beige Brown for the woodwork and 863 Gunmetal over black for metal areas. 

Joccians - private, officer, drummer and standard bearer - I've used 984 Flat Brown for their fur with 957 Flat Red for the uniforms. There are another two privates that aren't included in this shot. 

Orcs with the leader's sash painted in Flat Red with an Oxford Blue shirt and the back banner painted. 

All nearing completion and time for varnishing and basing.