Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wargaming Projects update

WWII German Infantry - the first tranche are now painted up and I've started basing individuall on 20mm card squares. These are in early uniforms, but examples of this being worn can be seen pretty much all the way through the war particularly on the Western Front. So far I've painted 1 officer with pistol, 2 LMG gunners with MG34, 1 MG no2 with rifle and ammo box, a sniper with scoped rifle, 1 Gefreiter with SMG, 1 private with SMG, 1 rifleman with a Panzerfaust and 9 riflemen.

The WWII Revell US Paras and Italeri WWII US Infantry in Winter dress have the few figures painted and based and just a few more to varnish up and base to add to the set. I'm aiming to have at least a squad for each side to try out the Nuts! and Flying Lead skirmish games with.

Next up are some late war WWII German Infantry from the Revell set and the Italieri German Elite Troops set. Some pictures will come up soon when I get a chance.

On a midnight dreary?

Today January 29th was the original publication date of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

I thought it would be an appropriate thing to celebrate as a fan of the fantastic in literature, so maybe I should raise a glass (but not a cask) of Amontillado this evening.