Friday, April 23, 2010

Miniatures Review 6: Ground Zero Games 15mm SF

Ground Zero Games has a number of SF figure ranges in scales ranging from 25mm to 6mm. The figures I'm reviewing are 15mm scale which is probably my favorite for SF miniatures gaming. These are a small selection of figures from the ranges they have which are mainly intended for the Stargrunt rules, which can be freely downloaded from the GZG website. Price wise GZG are at the higher end of the 15mm market with a pack of 8 figures costing £2.50 in the UK, but there are a wide range of platoon packs, etc which allow saving money on purchases.

Overall comments are that these are a pretty much standard 15mm size with the measurement being foot to eye with a less pronounced sculpting style than the Peter Pig figures that I have reviewed. The sculpting is reasonably correct anatomically and has quite clear definition of weapons and equipment against the clothing, the folds are not as deeply modeled as Peter Pig, but are still clear enough and will allow use of washes in painting. There is a little flash on many figures and some moulding lines to remove before painting. I intend to pick up more of these figures and will soon do a size comparison of them against some of the Laserburn 15mm SF range.

GZG make an extensive selection of vehicles mainly in resin and at some point I'll try to look at these and the starship models for Full Thrust.

Pack SG15-U1 UNSC Hardsuit Marines (8 figs)

This pack contains 8 figures in 4 poses, 2 of the poses only have 1 figure supplied the pointing squad leader on the left and the support weapon trooper second from right, with 3 figures in each of the other 2 poses. These are an armoured troop, but not power armoured with most having an assault rifle type weapon.

SG15-U2 UNSC Light Infantry in Advanced Combat Armour, Rifles Pack A

This pack contains 8 figures all with an assault rifle type weapon.

SG15-G1 Generic Command Team pack (8 figures, 2 each of 4 types)

This set includes 4 different poses with 2 of each provided. These are a seated figure for use as a vehicle crewman or equipment operator, a standing officer in peaked cap, a standing figure using a laptop computer and a standing figure with a small personal weapon (SMG). These are pretty much usable for any human nation as the uniforms and equipment are not particularly specific to any group.

SG15-F2 FSE Colonial Legionnaires (8 figs) in kepis

These figures have two heavy weapons included the squad automatic weapon third from left which is pretty much just a heavy version of the assault rifle carried by the other troops and a rocket launcher with the figure at far right of the picture. Only two of the figures are bareheaded, the rocket launcher operator and another figure that I took as the squad leader. Their assault rifle resembles the French FAMAS bullpup design with a handle on top.  There was a little flash between the legs of these figures which probably reflects them being one of the older packs in the review and the amount of use the moulds will have received. There have been a few figures with a moulding fault in the middle of their kepi which has required a small amount of filler to correct and this probably reflects this being an older mould.

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