Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 7 Solo Wargaming Show

Gaming podcast review 7 Solo Wargaming Show

Solo Wargaming Show is a podcast about solo wargaming with miniatures and boardgames. It is an american podcast with host Deano C. Ware as the sole person on air. At the moment it appears to be on a hiatus with no new episodes having been released.

The content is fairly useful in these podcasts with reviews of rules, boardgames and books, discussing their suitability for solo wargamers and tips on rules for solo wargaming. The reviews include comparative reviews of books with Don Featherstone's many titles being amoung them. The fourth episode was concerned with setting up a solo campaign and was pretty useful. There is an associated website.

The editing and recording is a little uneven on this podcast, but it is acceptable and perfectly usable. A lot of this is due to the limitations of software from mypodcast as is explained in the special dispatch on making the show.

I think this has been a useful show on a fairly specialised topic and I would certainly pick up any further episodes.

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