Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Wargaming Year in Review and plans for 2015


So what did I achieve on the wargaming front in 2014:

Painting figures and making terrain - 250 pieces finished which is a big increase on previous years. Importantly I did start getting terrain done which is probably the key thing to getting more games in.


20mm WWII - started on the vehicles and support weapons, got enough US and German late war infantry ready to be able field full platoons including variations in German organisation such as Volksgrenadiers with Sturm Zug using MP44.

Flintloque - some figures painted, but plenty more to go and I need to get a few small games in soon.

AK47 Republic - got the majority of my army painted so just need to finish that up.

I played a couple of games of Long Rifle from Two Hour wargames and apart from that little in the way of miniatures games. I also played the classic Up Front card game, Steve Jackson's Ogre and Football Strategy.

Plans for 2015

Terrain: really a priority as it will help me get more miniatures games going and I'll concentrate on getting some roads, streams and woods done as a starter.

20mm WWII: Finish up support weapons for German and US infantry and get my Shermans, Panzers, half tracks and softskins ready for the table.

15mm  SF: Time to revisit this and get my Ground Zero Games, Laserburn and Hordes of the Future figures completed and table ready.

AK47 Republic: get my army finished which is not too big a project.

Flintloque: Finish up my part finished personalities and then get my mounted units finished for the Goblins and Ferach.


Rules and games I'm really looking to play:

  • Ogre/GEV
  • Flintloque
  • Chain of Command - WWII
  • Long Rifle/Muskets and Mowhawks - Two Hour Wargames though using my Flintloque figures
  • Nuts! - Two Hour Wargames WWII skirmish games

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