Monday, April 28, 2014

Long Flintloque

I played a first game of Two Hour Wargames' Long Rifle Rules today, with my Ferach section running into an ignominious defeat at the hands of the Joccian defenders.

A few photos were taken, but I decided not to use them as they didn't really give enough detail to see what was going on. Bad rolls on the terrain table meant we had a more or less open field which was not helpful for the attackers. I'd rolled open rather than wooded terrain, and the only features found were a number of roads, 1 hill and 2 buildings one of which was the objective.

I did what terrain was required by drawing onto a paper tablecloth (3 ft square) bought in a pack of 4 from a pound store, apart from the buildings where I had some paper craft ones ready.

My Ferach Elves were lead by Sous-Lieutenant Armand Tarte (Rep 4) with Chasseurs Haricot (Rep4), Legume(Rep3) and Aubergine(Rep3), they were opposed by 4 Joccian highlanders with a Rep4 leader and all the 3 privates at Rep3.

I had the Raid scenario as the attacker and unfortunately due to the very low amount of cover got shot up leading to a failure to complete the task. I'll not treat this as the start of a campaign though Tarte is intended to be used for a campaign with Long Rifle, but as this was a first play of the rules I thought that would be harsh to treat it as his real exploits.

I'm now looking forward to trying out some more games with these rules and also the Muskets and Mowhawks rules for larger actions once I have some more figures painted.

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