Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reading Log 2014 Part 1.

This year I'll try and run a reading log that I do keep up to date as it was an intention last year, but fell rather by the wayside. I might try and do some highlights as book reviews on here though.

So far not that much read, but in my out of order reading of the Sharpe novels I picked up Sharpe's Enemy. This is chronologically the 16th novel in the series, but was actually published fairly early on in the series as the sixth novel. It has a confrontation between Sharpe and his recurring antagonist Obadiah Hakeswill as its main plot point and is not based on an actual historical battle unlike most of the other novels in the series. The deserters seizing control of a town and needing to be dealt with by a battalion sized force is based on actual events in the Peninsular War, but not from the British Army's history.

The novel is well crafted like the  rest of the Sharpe series and is a good read for a fan of historical or adventure fiction, but is best read in some kind of sequence from the earlier novels to give the character's a bit more depth. As well as Hakeswill, it introduces the character of Ducos who becomes another recurring enemy for Sharpe.

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