Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP - November - at last some more minis completed

At last I have got some of the many miniatures that I have been working on finished - these are a mixture of fantasy 25mm mainly from Alternative Armies, but also a lot of 15mm SF from the Hordes of the Future (HoF) range from

two dwarves of uncertain make, Alternative Armies elf duellist, Heritage dwarf archer

Alternative Armies Orc heavy infantry - these are currently out of production but I picked them up on ebay.

HOF - Security Force Alpha Comms trooper, Colonel and Sergeant

HOF Security Force Alpha - Heavy Laser trooper, Shotgun trooper, Trigun trooper, Missile trooper and Sniper

HOF Security Force Alpha - SMG troopers with front and rear views of each pose

HOF Medics - front view -they have a red cross on the back of their tunics.

HOF Cultists - Official, Overseer and Propagandatron

HOF Cultists - SMG and a Missile armed trooper

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