Friday, September 03, 2010

More lovecraftian audio reviews: Cthulhuwho1 blog

Just when I thought I'd started to produce a comprehensive list I get a lot more interesting audio content for lovers of H.P. Lovecraft's fiction, so with a nod to YSDC for pointing this out I can provide another review.The content is at Will Hart's Cthulhu who 1 blog.

The Iguanacon recordings from 1978 are fascinating to listen to with a number of very well known names making up the panel.The panel members are:  J.Vernon Shea; Fitz Leiber; Donald Burleson; Dirk W. Mosig and S.T. Joshi. The topic is "what if H.P. Lovercraft lived into the 1960s" giving a lot of scope for reflection on Lovecraft's personality and beliefs with the changing times between 1937 and the 1960s.This is a fascinating discussion and very worthwhile listening. The audio quality for this recording is actually not bad considering it was originally made on cassette and has had to be digitised and converted to mp3 format.

The other audio content that is available is a reading of Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth and some samples of computer generated voices reading excerpts from Lovecraft and Poe. The samples are there to get comments from listeners while the actual reading does deserve a proper review. To use my normal headings of Content Technical and Overall Summary, I'd say that the technical quality is good on the new computer generated voices and the Fungi from Yuggoth and understandably poor on the Igauanacon recordings. Contentwise the recordings from Iguanacon I would class as unmissable while the readings not so essential.

Overall this site is well worth a visit from any fan or scholar of Lovecraft.                          

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CthulhuWho1 said...

Many Thanks for the kind comments on!

On the audio side, I can promise that the near future holds several more "rare" recordings, from Robert Bloch, Fritz Leiber, and H. Warner Munn.

And at the same time, as a tie-in to the above mentioned files, but on the visual side, posted on the CthulhuWho1 Flickr page, will be photos of and postcards by Robert Bloch, photos of and letters by Fritz Leiber, photos of H. Warner Munn, photos of and letters by E. Hoffmann Price; and even a stack of the copies of H. P. Lovecraft letters to Price, which Price copied and sent to me.

Plus a few other surprises...

Will Hart
aka CthulhuWho1