Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miniatures Review: 4 15mm Peter Pig Pirates

Peter Pig range 10 15mm Pirates

These figures are suitable for sailors in working (and fighting) dress for pretty much the entire age of sail from the late 17th century up till the Napoleonic era. The officers are more tied to the pirate era, but could still do for naval officers, particularly on privateers for a similar period. They are in the usual chunky Peter Pig style with stylized anatomy that I think tends to paint up well for use on the gaming table. These figures measure 15mm base to eye level, so stand about 18mm to the top of the head.

I have a mixture of packs including medium guns and gun crew, pirates with melee weapons, pirate musketeers and pirate officers. Looking at the pictures on the website I think some have been remodelled, but they are still very similar to the pictures here.

The casting has the usual cleanliness that I associate with Peter Pig with little flash or moulding lines visible on the figures. They are reasonably priced for 15mm figures at £2.40 for 8 figures.

Pirate Officers

Pirate medium cannon and crew

Pirates with cutlasses and pistols

Pirate Musketeers

Some painted versions are here

I've used Angus Konstam's Osprey books on pirates and privateers as the primary reference source for the appearance of the figures with some reference to Military Modelling for naval crew appearance.

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