Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miniatures Reviews: 1. Denizen 25mm Khiff

The Denizen miniatures 25mm SF range includes the usual humans and also a couple of ranges of aliens. One of these is the Khiff a dog/crocodile faced bipedal humanoid species. These are sculpted by L M Locke rather than Chub Pearson of Denizen Miniatures.

The figures are a true 25mm with the measurement foot to eye and quite slim in proportion, they match well well old Citadel SF figures or Ground Zero Games miniatures. They are very cleanly moulded with minimal flash and clean up easily for painting. They are reasonably priced for 25mm figures being similar in price to Ground Zero Games and a lot cheaper than Games Workshop's metal figures.

These are only a mid-tech range as they are mostly armed with bolt throwers with there being a standard assault rifle(SF53) and a heavy assault rifle(SF62) similar to the relationship between the AK47 and RPK though the actual design looks a bit more like a Mauser 98K with a box magazine beneath it.

The other weapons are a rocket launcher(SF59) similar to a RPG-7 and a magazine grenade launcher(SF60) resembling a Milkor MGL, The final figures are an officer (SF51) and assassin(SF52) with carbines and a figure with a laser rifle(SF61). The laser rifle looks like it is intended as a heavy weapon given its size, but that really would be down to the individual user. The assassin has a slightly curved sword (similiar in shape to a Japanese Katana) slung on his back while the other figures mostly have a pistol and knife/bayonet hung on their belts. The only one of the range I don't have is the flamer (SF54). All the figures are illustrated by pictures on the Denizen website so I won't attempt to add pictures of all the range till I paint them. I have a picture of the front and back of the figure with an assault rifle next to an old Citadel SF figure for size comparison.

I'd recommend these figures to anyone wanting a humanoid race for 25mm SF gaming particularly as an opponent for figures from Ground Zero or Eureka.

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