Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 19 This Week in Wargaming

This Week in Wargaming is a new podcast with the presenters coming from a number of established wargames podcasts like Podhammer, The Drop, D6 Generation, Samurai Gunslinger and 40K Radio.

The content is based on discussion of various wargames including the Games Workshop and Privateer press games and general topics like pre painted miniatures and using miniatures painting services. There is also gaming news and discussion related to the news items. This is useful for giving a wider range of opinions and comment than the usual podcasts.

The presenters vary from show to show, but do have a steady core it appears. It hasn't yet been long enough to create a huge interplay between them, but I think this will develop over time.

The downloads from iTunes and the website are pretty fast and reliable. Sound quality suffers from the need to have contributors linked in by Skype or other internet telephone and this is a problem for every podcast that does it, even BBC ones, so it is not a major problem and most of the time it doesn't affect the audibility too badly.

I think this is a welcome addition to the wargaming podcasts out there and I'll probably listen pretty regularly.

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