Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 18 The D6 Generation

The D6 generation is a gaming podcast mainly focusing on miniatures gaming, particularly Games Workshop and Privateer press's products, but also boardgames and computer games with occasional discussion of RPGs.

Three regular presenters appear on this podcast: Craig Gallant, Russ Wakelin and Raef "Hollywood" Granger. There is a good interplay between the presenters which is important when you are trying to have humorous content.

There are quite a number of regular features on this podcast including the opening humour segment, Rapid fire; the Hollywood minute; Achievements in gaming; What's in the news and D'ya ever notice. As well as these reviews come up as a pretty significant part of the content with these having included Tannhauser, Descent and Shadows over Camelot. The reviews are good and in depth, particularly the one of Shadows over Camelot. RPG content has been reviews and comments on Dark Heresy, not too surprising given it is WH40K the RPG, and D&D 4e.

Like most of the amateur podcasts the technical quality has improved and I think is pretty good now. It downloads easily from their own site or iTunes.

This is a podcast that I enjoy listening to, but its more one of the ones that I'll dip into rather than listen to every episode as I don't play the WH40K or Privateer Press games so I'm more likely to listen if there is a review I'm interested in.

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