Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 15 RolePlaying Public Radio

Podcast review #15 hopefully the first of the series of Wednesday reviews on my podcast

Roleplaying Public Radio is an established RPG podcast that started out largely as a humourous podcast, but has moved into having more serious discussions and reviews. I've not spent that much time listening to the actual play sessions due to time pressures

The two main presenters are Ross Payton and Tom Church, with occasional guests for round table sessions or one off episodes. There is a good interplay between the main presenters and this is definitely one of the chattier podcasts that I listen to. There is a pretty high humour level in the podcasts and this is pretty appealing as it doesn't feel too forced or excessive. I like the use of group discussions on topics in the same way that The Game's The Thing uses regular roundtables on reviews. The length is usually around 1 hour which makes it an easy podcast to listen to in one sitting unlike some lengthy podcasts.

Regular sections are the Gaming Anecdote, the letter to..., and listener feedback. Topics have included keeping things feeling fresh for long running games and players, the role of rules, dealing with bad players and these have been pretty useful for ideas coming from active gamers.

The audio quality is pretty clear and it is easy to hear the presenter's voices. The file sizes are reasonable and the downloads seem fairly reliable.

This is actually a podcast that I've found enough value and enjoyment in to be worth actually downloading regularly and it goes on my recommendations list.


9train said...

Nice website! I enjoyed reading about your gaming exploits and your Podcast reviews. I saw your post over at Point2Point source and thought I'd say hi!

If you're into WF at all, you should give the Podhammer podcast a listen. I don't even play the flipping game but I enjoy the podcast. Go figure.

Keep up the good work.

Dave said...

Thanks, I've enjoyed doing the podcast reviews and it's now going to be a regular feature on every wednesday thanks to the magic of Blogger scheduled posting.