Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 9 All Games Considered

Gaming podcast review 9 All Games Considered

All Games Considered or AGC is another of the longer running gaming podcasts, it has a fairly wide range including RPG, wargames and boardgames, but is largely concentrated on RPG. There are a number of regular hosts, with the main ones being Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Ben Balestra, and Carol. There are rarely more than three hosts present at one time which can avoid the 'who is this talking' syndrome with large numbers of hosts.

AGC has a number of regular segments including Games you may never have heard of; Gaming for cheap bastards; and these do help to structure the shows. Gaming for cheap bastards covers the various free systems available on the internet and this is interesting as there are some very in-depth reviews included in it. Games you may never of heard of is very interesting though there have been a few things in there that I had heard of (advantages of being a grognard).

I've found that the audio quality is pretty high and there is little trouble in hearing all the presenters clearly.

AGC is an entertaining show with a good level of content to the chat among the usual podcasts. It will probably not join my regular listening list as I've got limited amounts of time to listen and it doesn't have as much wargames content as I would like. I will still tend to pick up episodes for specific content though. It is worth checking out to see if it matches your requirements.

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