Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 8 Pulp Gamer

Gaming podcast review 8 Pulp Gamer

Pulp Gamer is a pretty long established gaming podcast with five main substreams (Inside Track, Out of Character, Family Night, Kings Court and the Game Kennel) with additional shows on other topics. There is a lot of different content here and different types of content. There are three regular hosts: Derek Rex, Jeremiah Lynch and Don Dehm, I think that there is a really good interplay between the hosts which makes the show easy to listen to and entertaining. From my listening to date I'm starting to think that 2-3 hosts is the ideal number for a podcast lasting in the 45-120 minutes range.

The different regular podcasts can be classifed like this:

  • Inside Track - Interviews with gaming industry insiders
  • Out of Character - gaming and community news
  • Family Night - Family gaming ideas
  • Game Kennel - Discussion of and reviews of board and card games
  • Kings Court - Games reviews

My favorite tends to be inside track because I like to hear the opinions of the various people within the gaming community, with the episodes of Inside Track that I've listened to including Dave Arneson, Steve Jackson (SJG), Wolfgang Bauer and Joseph Goodman.
Out of character is interesting, but as I also get community news from other sites is probably less essential to me and I like games reviews and shows about choosing games so most of the other regular features get a thumbs up from me too.
There are occasional special shows like the recording of Wil Wheaton at Comicon, and Seminars on podcasting from GenCon and on various topics from the GAMA show seminars.

I've found these shows to be clearly recorded and easy to listen to from a technical point of view.

Pulp Gamer is a podcast that I do listen to regularly. I like the interplay between the hosts and the variety of content, though my listening is heavily biased towards Inside Track as I do like the hear the interviews with industry notables and tend to get a lot of my gaming news through other sites. I recommend this one highly to potential listeners as there is probably some content out there that you will find useful or enjoyable.

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