Wednesday, April 09, 2008

All the RPG I've played

Thinking back about RPG I've played a lot over the years with different types of games and systems and of course lists are, as many journalists know, a quick and easy way to fill up space.

I've never bought anywhere near as many as I've played though as my older brother has been a more serious gamer than me for much of the time, so has tended to buy interesting games before I've thought of it.

Anyway into an endless set of lists ;)

  1. Original Dungeons & Dragons - where I started the original version of D&D in the white box. This is still a game I have a great deal of affection for, but it definitely is more of a kit to create a RPG rather than a complete game as such.
  2. Traveller - classic version, one of the earliest games I played and I did like it even if the death of characters in chargen and lack of advancement once in game did grate at times.
  3. Metamorphosis Alpha - one of the first games I bought and fun in its randomness, but it was never a great game for long term campaigns due to lack of advancement rules.
  4. Bunnies & Burrows - very innovative for its time, but a hard sell with my players so we didn't play that much when we could be dungeon crawling instead.
  5. Runequest II - the first really great rpg that I played in my opinion. The combination of the Gloranthan setting and the quality of the rules was a relevation and I still want to play this game.
  6. Superhero '44 - a historical oddity this, the first Superheroes RPG released and a bit clunky rules wise. The Whirlwind (my character) was used a few times, but we were playing lots of other stuff too so there weren't that many games with this system.
  7. AD&D - Did get it, but I always preferred the lighter rules touch of OD&D or BD&D.
  8. B/C/X D&D - I preferred this to AD&D and this was system of choice for a little while until RQII took over.
  9. Call of Cthulhu - as I had already read Lovecraft and played RQII this game had a very short learning curve for me and I have enjoyed playing it over the years.
  10. Toon - humour in RPG? Yes, it can work to have an intentionally humourous game and Toon is pretty well done. Not played it for ages now.
  11. Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mongo - not really an RPG as such, more of a chase game, at some point I'll dig it out and review it for
  12. Warhammer FRP - it took me a long time to really get interested in Warhammer, either in the Fantasy Battle game or the RPG. Now I'm thoroughly sold on it and looking forward for the chance to play some more WFRP including fact to face as well as pbp and pbem.
  13. Paranoia - I enjoy running Paranoia, but sadly haven't had a chance with XP yet.
  14. Castles & Crusades - these days this is my 'D&D' style game of choice as it gives the right level of crunch and customisabilty that I want from this style of game.
  15. D&D 3.0/3.5 - I actually quite enjoy this as a player, but do feel it puts a lot of work on the GM compared to the earlier editions.
  16. Champions - Can't remember too much about this as I never played much and I was never the biggest supers gamer anyway.
  17. Conan the D20 Conan game is in my opinion a decent game and probably as good a Hyborian age RPG as you can do with the D20 system.
  18. Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen - probably the purest RPG that I've played in some ways and one that often gets played in the pub when we meet up for birthdays. Great fun.
  19. Boot Hill The way we played this was much more like old West deathmatch, but we were young teenagers at the time and D&D was pretty hack and slash the way we played it

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