Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review: Meeples & Miniatures 28

Gaming Podcast Review 6 Meeples & Miniatures 28

In this review I'm going to look at a specific episode of a podcast that I've already reviewed in review number 4. The episode I've chosen is the latest from Meeples & Miniatures, number 28.

This episode is a wargames special with reviews of Black Powder Battles from Two Hour Wargames; Sharpe's Skirmish from Durham's Chosen Men; Chosen Men from Oculus;Battle Games magazines, Napoleonic skirmish rules; and 40mm gaming miniatures, for the Napoleonic wars, American War of Independence and French and Indian war.

The main rules review of Black Powder Battles is comprehensive, talking about the rules content and how the rules work in play. I have to admit that the time when I miss having additional hosts is when a set of rules is being discussed. The other rules reviews are more minimal, but for simple and short sets of skirmish rules this is reasonable.

The miniatures review includes Front Rank Miniatures; Graven Images; HLBS; Perry Twins; First Legion; Sash and Sabre.The miniatures review is pretty useful, though it would have been more indepth if Neil actually had more samples from some of the manufacturers. The advantage of a comparative review like this is it allows issues like compatability to be discussed as figure designers never seem to be consistent in their approach to what a particular scale means. The show notes have useful links to the manufacturers and rules discussed in the episode and I'd recommend visiting the website.

There is some advertising now for Battle Games magazine, the podcast's sponsor, but this is pretty unobtrusive and does fit with the content.

The technical quality is good on this episode with the speech clear and understandable. The episode is in stereo and recorded at a bit rate of 64kbs which is suitable for a speech based podcast. This is one of the first episodes with the new music and I will admit I prefer it to the original guitar music that was used.

This was an interesting episode of this podcast to me as I have played skirmish games for a long time, reading the Don Featherstone Skirmish Wargames book back in the late 1970s and playing old West skirmish games around that time. My own gaming was with a mixture of 1:72 and 1:32 plastics and 25mm metal figures for skirmishes and I can see 40mm as a nice compromise between detail and size for a skirmish gaming range.

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