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Gaming Podcast Review 5 Horror on the Orient Express

Gaming podcast review 5 Horror on the Orient Express

Horror on the Orient Express (HotOE) is an audio recording of the Bradford Players going through one of the classic Call of Cthulhu scenarios. It comes from and the same group as Yog-Radio. The Keeper of Arcane Law is Paul of Cthulhu, one of the regular hosts of Yog-Radio (see podcast review 1) and also has the other regular hosts of Yog-Radio among the players. The players are from the Bradford roleplaying group that the hosts of Yog-Radio belong to.

It is interesting to hear a gaming group in action and it is striking how similar the experience of play is to my experience, though this may be more typical of groups in the UK than elsewhere. I have to admit when I first heard of podcasts of gaming sessions I was skeptical about how entertaining they would be to listen to, but this podcast has changed my mind.

Got to admit I find the group in play seem to be very keen on their meals in character, but more seriously it is interesting to hear how the game progresses and how another group of gamers interact. There has been a change in the player line up, which is not always unusual with a long running campaign and this is done with a change in the adventuring party membership. The interplay between the group shows that many of the players have gamed with each other before and there are references to the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign audio recording that was also released through

The technical quality is good on HotOE, with the audio being clear and lacking background or microphone noise. It is recorded in surround sound and it is possible to hear where each of the players are around the table. It is easy to distinguish the different players by their voices and this is a tribute to how cleanly the podcast is recorded.

I think this is an entertaining podcast, which overcame my initial reluctance to listen to gaming sessions and is one of the podcasts where I have listened to all the episodes. If you want to try listening to a gaming session podcast I'd recommend trying starting with episode 1 of this podcast and if you know that you enjoy listenting to this type of content then it is recommended.

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