Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gaming Podcast Reviews 3 Fear the Boot

Gaming podcast review no 3. Fear the Boot
Fear the Boot is a RPG podcast which has been running for a number of years having reached nearly 90 episodes. This has a strong humorous element in its content which usually works on a round table discussion between the hosts about a RPG related topic. The hosts come from a pool of gamers including some female hosts, which in my listening so far has been unusual.

Fear the Boot is very much in the 'zoo' format that has been used by some talk radio shows, this is reasonably successful, but does give a tendency for the hosts to be talking to each other rather than the listener. The upside of this is that it does give plenty of viewpoints in discussion.

There is useful discussion of gaming topics in the episodes I've listened to, for example common GMing mistakes and common player mistakes. I will admit I've only sampled a limited amount of the total number of episodes as it has a frequent update schedule and had hit 88 episodes by the time I started sampling Fear the Boot.

The technical quality of this podcast is high with all the hosts voices being clearly heard and the music not drowning voices during talkover. There is not any additional content (at least with the iTunes Music Store that I used to download the episodes) on the episodes like pictures or additional content.

I find that Fear the Boot is high on the entertainment factor, but it can be hard to get directly to the useful content like gaming tips. This doesn't apply to all the episodes and I will still listen to it, but it doesn't have the must listen appeal of Yog-Radio to me. I think that this is a successful podcast given the frequency and continuity of the episodes so I suspect that there are many people who do like this podcast.

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Sam said...

I also listen to FtB and find that their banter, while very entertaining, can be distracting. I often feel like the show is 85% banter and 15% content. Though often that content is rich with good information.