Monday, September 26, 2005

All I ever needed to know I learnt from Gaming

Thinking about what skills or abilities gaming, specifically tabletop RPGs have taught or developed in me, I realised that the list of them is reasonably impressive:

  • Research - finding out information from libraries about arms and armour, mediaeval life, obscure fantasy authors all developed this
  • Imagination - this must have been developed by thinking 'outside the box'
  • Tactics - both RPG and wargames encourage this
  • Writing - reading fantasy fiction and the Gygaxian prose of early D&D encouraged me to develop a broad vocabulary
  • Interpersonal skills - co-operating with other party members or managing a group of people as a GM
  • Statistics and odds - knowing why rolling 3 d6 or 2 d6 + 6 gives both a different set of results and different probabilities of any result occuring

Still not something that makes it onto my CV these days as personal interests take up space that my long work history needs, but I can see with less workplaces to demonstrate skills from how there could be value from it.

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