Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Scarlet Heroes - an example character

To beleatedly continue with my look at Scarlet Heroes I thought it was time to create a character. 

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Magic in Scarlet Heroes

Lead Foot (yes I do tend toward puns)
Str: 13 +1
Int 14 +1
Dex 12
Wis 17 +2
Con 16 +2
Cha 8 -1
Starting GP: 

Attack Bonus +1 AC: 
HP: 8
Fray Die: 1D6
Spells: Level 1 - 1 per day

I decided to use the random background tables and got:
  • Human Cleric 
  • Closeted Monk 
  • Innate Qualities: Precise hands 
  • Relationships: Secret agent for a merchant
I did the background before assigning the Stats, this was because I like the random rolls to populate a background and let me work out what I want to do with the character.

I made the lowest statistic Charisma as having been part of a closed community, I take it Lead may not be that good at dealing with outsiders, in that community he developed precise hands by being a scribe and needing fine penmanship. Lead also made fine crafts for the monastery to sell further improving his precision and skill. He has come out into the wider world as his master, the abbot Tihn Kaahn has need of more agents moving through the Isles rather than just handling the monastery's correspondence and trade. 

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