I've decided to clean up the homepage somewhat and move to putting links of interest here:

H.P. Lovecraft literary podcast - an entertaining guide to the output of an important figure in the history of wierd and horror fiction.

Roleplaying: - my favourite site for Roleplaying games on the net with reviews, forums, etc. - YSDC is really useful site for both H.P. Lovecraft and roleplaying horror in various forms, particularly Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu. It is also the home of the excellent, long running and sadly missed Yog-Radio podcast.

Goblinoid Games - the producers of the Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future roleplaying games, both of which I thoroughly enjoy playing and are available as free downloads.

Too Fat Lardies - producers of a number of excellent sets of historical miniatures rules mainly aimed at 19th and 20th Century conflicts.

Peter Pig - Peter Pig are my favourite range of 15mm figures and also produce several interesting sets of wargames rules under the Rules for the Common Man heading including Battles in the Age of War, AK-47 Republic and Poor Bloody Infantry (PBI).

Pendraken Miniatures - 10mm miniatures for a wide range of periods. Nice miniatures and good response to customer requests on the forums.

Alternative Armies - 28mm miniatures - the Flintloque and Erin ranges being ones that I have quite a few of that can be seen in my painting logs.

Two Hour Wargames - Producers of quick playing rules that are highly suitable for solitaire play.