Monday, May 30, 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - at last I get my plans together

In the last month or so I've been reading Sharp Practice 2 and participating on the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group and Forums about the rules, but not got very far with actually getting figures ready. A few purchases on e-Bay and a bit of sorting in my lead pile has given me the following plan to play a few 1861 set games.

  1. finish off the 15mm Confederate infantry I have on the painting table which will get me to 3 groups of infantry and some command figures, namely 1 officer, a standard bearer and a drummer.
  2. Clean up and undercoat the other 22 Confederate infantry and some more command figures - this will be 2 more officers and a sergeant.
  3. Clean up and undercoat the 24 Zouaves in Kepis that I have acquired, though I will probably paint them as the 14th Brooklyn Chasseurs. These will also have a couple of officers, a drummer and colour party.
  4. Sort out another 22 Union Infantry, 1 more officer and a sergeant to add to the force and paint up.
  5. Make some snake rail fences and put together some card buildings to add to the table.
  6. Put together some more woods markers and other terrain pieces.
  7. Sort out some figures for my cavalry to paint up some command figures and a couple of individually based ones to allow my existing ACW cavalry to be used.
  8. Finish painting the ACW artillery I have on the painting table to add to the fun.
So no shortage of work to do, as well as this I will be rebasing most of my ACW collection to use it with They Couldn't Hit An Elephant for mass battles.