Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - innovation in an update of a popular set of rules.

Sharp Practice2 from Too Fat Lardies is quite innovative in updating the Sharp Practice rules.

No more blinds - deployment points which are scenario based but can be added to using a Scout from the support lists. Units deploy within a radius from these depending on their type and other scenario based conditions (e.g. attacker/defender).

In the card deck for activation there are Command Cards as well as the individual leader's cards which can be used to either activate units that have not acted at the turn end, be used to activate units out of sequence or use troops characteristics, such as firing controlled volleys.

Cards or chips to determine the order of play - something that as a bit of a numpty when it comes to shuffling cards and that I find it easier to make poker chips I am glad of.

Leaders number of actions is based on their ability.

There are explanatory posts at the Too Fat Lardies blog and videos on their YouTube channel going into more detail on these.

The rules are still available for pre-order with bundles including cards, chips and markers till Friday so it is worth getting in there quickly and then they will be released on 23 April, St Georges Day (and Shakespear's birthday).

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