Sunday, December 27, 2015

Final Painting Update of 2015

So I did manage to finish off a few more figures over the festive period meaning that I have reached my best ever total for 28mm figures helped by the desire to get together both the figures, markers and wandering monsters to play Frostgrave with. 

The warband is mostly still WiP but should start to finish off early in the new year with my varied band of adventuring types from the plastic set and additional figures coming through. 

First up some humans - a Beowulf figure from Ral Partha and a near eastern thief that I'm not sure of the make of. 

My first 28mm mounted figures completed - 2 Alternative Armies Goblin wolf riders

4 Alternative Armies wolves that I got for my Erin project but that will be useful for other games like Frostgrave. 

A Wraith that is from the late 70s and I am unsure of the manufacturer of and 2 Mantic ghouls.  
All useful for Frostgrave. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Some more terrain, dwarf, goblins and Frostgrave

Some more bits of terrain finished off and a couple of treasure markers for Frostgrave. There is a foray into paper craft terrain now which I suspect will be the majority of the terrain that I use as I have walls that can be made as modular terrain with the slots used to join them. The paper terrain I am using is from David Graffam games via WargamesVault.


A dolmen made of actual stones on an old CD-Rom with a figure for scale.

Frostgrave treasure markers

Papercraft building

Nilbog's band - 6 goblins from Alternative Armies.

2 scratchbuilt fences (each 15cm long) and an Alternative Armies Dwarf