Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Notables Challenge November 2015 - my entry online build 1

As the Notables Yahoo Group has now got its first challenge around a theme of 'Le Marauder' issued I've decided to take part.

As it is a single figure to be  painted up I've gone with one of my Flintloque halflings that was already earmarked for a conversion job.


In the end I have used milliput so far rather than green stuff and I have selected a pie and a tankard to add.

Work in progress - I didn't take one of the figure after I'd finished doing some carving, but it can be seen I've removed his knife from his hand and built up sleeves on him and added a pack.

As the photos probably show the figure over life size they are useful to identify odd bits I still need to tidy up on the conversion work.

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