Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Frostgrave Terrain Piece

One more piece of work finished - a stone circle which got started an awful long time ago, which shows just how long this and Goyah from the last update took to get finished.

 Firstly to show scale with an old Citadel dwarf and King Fernando of the Dark Elves from Alternative Armies.

Three views from different angles. Though I will use this for Frostgrave I have made the basing on this piece as summer style as it will mainly be used for Fantasy games.

 Some more WIP on terrain and miniatures - Wolves for Frostgrave - Alternative Armies figures with a few more dry brushes to get the coats where I want them.

 And a Dolmen - like the standing stones actual garden stones and an old CD repurposed.

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joe5mc said...

Nice little terrain piece!