Saturday, October 31, 2015

Painting Update 31 October - Flintloque

An old Citadel Dwarf with an inferiority complex and the dark elf artist Goyah from the Flintloque range by Alternative Armies.

The artist and his model (though I finished the Todoroni noble a long while back).

And some Ottermen again for Flintloque

With a back view

Friday, October 30, 2015

Frostgrave and other WIP update

Some more finished Frostgrave markers and the first mini for it finished a Templar with a two handed axe.

Some work in progress some of which might allow me to field a dwarven band in Frostgrave

Four Alternative Armies  dwarves that are part of a set of Dwarf Cavern fighters but for Frostgrave could be treated as an infantryman, thug or infantryman, knight, knight and the mailed axeman in the next picture as a templar.

And some Reaper figures for monsters

Monday, October 05, 2015

Getting Started with Frostgrave

My Frostgrave project is now getting underway though I had already started assembling some of the miniatures and undercoating them. Its also given me an incentive to get on with some other things that have been hanging around in my collection.

First finished items - 5 treasure markers

Work in progress
More treasure markers

Knight, Man at Arms, Infantryman, Thug, Thief, War Hound, Thug, Crossbow and Thug

Ranger, Tracker, Sigilist, Man at Arms, Apprentice, Archer

All the above from the North Star range

Wolves (Alternative Armies) and Ghouls (Mantic)