Sunday, August 30, 2015

Painting Update 30 August 2015

And another update

Biblical DBA in 20mm

Philistines Command and 2 bases of Javelins (Auxilia)

Hebrew Bows, Camp Followers/Town Inhabitants and Slingers

WWII in 20mm

Command and 1 platoon of infantry for Crossfire

PSC Pak 38 and crew

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Project Revived - 20mm Biblical DBA in plastic Part 1

My project to do biblical armies in 20mm plastic for DBA or as it should be in this context De Biblicus Armis.

I'd got into this project from an article in Miniature Battlegames (ok it is really called Miniature Wargames with Battlegames, but I prefer my version). Where Arthur Harman put a simple campaign system in for biblical era.

I've started with some sets from Caesar Miniatures for the Hebrews and Philistines. These will give me figures to do both Hordes of the Things and DBA armies as the Hebrews include Samson and the Philistines a giant warrior suitable for Goliath of Gath.

My DBA armies will be based on the lists I/27 and I/29a for the Early Hebrews and Philistines respectively. The Caesar sets of figures do not allow you to field everything you need out of a single box, as the Hebrews do not have enough figures in total for the army unless you make a number of subsitutions of figures as it has 12 archers or slingers included and 8 figures of limited use on the wargames table out of 42 figures, luckily many of these can be reused into other armies and roles.

The Philistines are better but still lack the missile troops (Psiloi) and chariots required. I'll need to convert some archers and slingers for them and in the short term will use an Egyptian chariot till I build my Egyptian army to accompany these.

In HotT I would use an army list something like this:


1 Hero (Samson) 4AP
1 Cleric (Moses) 3AP - conversion of one of the figures throwing a rock
1 Sneaker (Judith) 3AP - a chance to use 1 of the female figures.

5 Warband 2AP
2 Shooters (Benjaminites) 2AP

1 Behemoth  (Arc of the Covenant) 4AP
1 Hero General (King David) 4AP - maybe just a single slinger on a base

1 Hero General (Goliath) 4AP
7 Blades 2AP
2 Shooters (javelins) 2AP
1 Cavalry (Light Chariot) 2AP

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Painting Update 15 August

My Biblical DBA project has finally started. 21 foot 20mm figures completed on this so far and plenty more to come soon.

Bases completed to date - 6 Blades for the Philistines and 1 Auxilia for the Hebrews

Close up views of the Hebrews and a base of Philistines

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Painting Update 4 August 2015

Now into my 15mm ACW project - getting painted some figures I've had since the 1980s. Warlord games figures I believe, luckily not a bad fit with Peter Pig which is my currently preferred range.