Monday, July 27, 2015

Painting Update 27 July

A bit more done now as I have been able to finish off some more markers for my WWII games and some more militia infantry for AK47 Republic.

12 Militia infantry in 15mm and 4 20mm marker figures for the US for Crossfire.

So my painting progress is speeding up now.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Painting Update 12 July 2015

A little more done on my WWII project for Crossfire.

German Engineer section, 5cm mortar team and some markers. The inspiration for the markers came from the Crossfire rules and this article at Lloydian Aspects.

I'm aiming to create enough figures and terrain for the scenarios at Dick Bryant's blog, as an introduction for Crossfire, but I am taking the Infantry up to a full company for both the US and Germans. Its a good way to give me an incentive to get on with terrain building for WWII and I will be doing plenty of that over the rest of the year.

Engineer team, 2 figures from the Revell late war German Infantry set, 2502 and the running rifleman from the Africa Korps set, 2513. The prone riflemen for the markers are from the Esci set, now available as Italeri set 6033.