Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lead Free 2015 comes to an end

Time to try and revive my blog after a period of dormancy.

After being tempted by Alternative Armies offer in April I've finally succumbed to buying more figures. Only a few more for my Flintloque collection but it will keep me busy for a few more months as my painting rate has fallen off a cliff this year.

My new figures are mainly the new Valon Civilians Set which contains some characterful figures that will be useful in some of the skirmish scenarios that I am thinking of. It contains a dogman with a blunderbuss, 2 orcs, a dwarf with an axe and a gnome. The sculptor Christian Cuello also sculpted Ludwig von Barkhoven for Flintloque, so another civilian that can add interest for scenarios. 

I also picked up some of the HEVC halflings to do a section of them, but I want to do a few conversions on these as I already had one pack so the standard bearer from one pack will be converted to a sergeant with a spontoon or half pike. 

The other thing I picked up was some accessories to start customising my figures so I can have tankards and food items attached to them. I need to start cleaning up the civilians to get them prepped and then onto painting them.

My painting backlog includes plenty of part finished Flintloque figures with 6 Otterman infantry, Ludwig van Barkhoven, Goyah, 3 Elf Ladies, 5 Goblin Dragoons and their dodos and most shamefully the Ferach Esprit du Garde cuirassier from the Catalucia shilling service pack that I have painted up the other figures from over 2 years ago. Time to really get the brushes back in use.