Sunday, January 25, 2015

A slow start to Wargaming in 2015

A slow start for me in 2015 on the wargaming front. I have not had time to play any games or even paint any figures so far.

I have been doing a bit of reading and this has really got me in the mood to get some games in. This is really the case with quick playing systems as I don't have the time or a setup where I can leave games overnight to keep playing over a number of days.

My one purchase so far has been Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames which given the limited time I currently have for gaming is a good fit for what I can do. I've liked the book and will do a post with a review of it, but I have found the scenarios very useful for inspiration. Particularly useful have been some of the revised rulesets posted on the Yahoo group for Neil Thomas' books and The Stronghold Rebuilt which has inspired me to restart my ACW project as one of my priorities for the year.

I've now also  planned out what I need to do over the next few months to get some more gaming going:

  1. Rough out some terrain with felt and cardboard for 10/15mm games with the rules for One Hour Wargames and Two Hour Wargame's Chain Reaction rules.
  2. Dig up the terrain tiles for HoF Fire Team and try some games of that. 
  3. Finish some Confederate infantry that are on the workbench, paint some ACW cavalry and artillery and rebase some infantry onto bases compatible with Fire and Fury and the Lardies' They couldn't hit an Elephant
  4. Finish up other stuff on the workbench such as my last militia unit for AK47 Republic, quite a few Flintloque figures and some WWII vehicles and support weapons that are in various stages of completion.
  5. No Lead 2015 - I've stuck to this so far and the aim is to only buy what I need to complete existing projects without starting new ones.  

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Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

Good luck with your goals this year. I also have little time to play. HOFFT is a great little system and Flintloque rocks as always.