Thursday, November 27, 2014

Painting Update 27 November

Another painting update as I push on to the end of the year.

Some finished stuff:

Revell MG34 on tripod from the Afrika Corps set, NCO from the German Infantry set and rifleman from the Panzergrenadier set.  The first two items are based for Crossfire.

Rest of the German infantry platoon - a mix of Revell Afrika Corps, German Infantry, Elite troops and Caesar German infantry in camouflage capes

US Infantry

part complete Crossfire platoon, mix of Caesar, Revell and Italeri US infantry

A complete Crossfire platoon with the same mix of manufacturers figures as before.

Revell NCO with Thompson painted as wearing a Mackinaw and Caesar 60mm Mortar team, the second crewman is actually a MG gunner from the set 1 of US Infantry that was in my box of set 2. The 60mm mortar required an addition to the rear of the baseplate that was added with card. 

Work in progress - showing my Flintloque project is not dead yet.

Gingerbread men, Bakerov and his assistants

Otterman infantry

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Painting Update 12 November - more WWII

Some more stuff finished now, still WWII infantry, but this time individually based figures for midwar.

Command front and rear views.

Machine Gun teams

Grenadiers with Rifles

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Painting Update - 6 November

At last some more stuff gets completed though I have been working on masses of painting over the last two months, and there is a lot on the workbench still.

Some WWII support units with basing for Crossfire in mind.

Revell, Britannia and Esci figures for German spotter teams plus a Grenadier for my early war individually based and a platoon commander for Crossfire.

US Britannia spotter teams, MMG and Engineers.