Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some more hedges and project updates

4 More hedges done, with one having a tree from the Minibits range sold by Pendraken. Another 4 items into my painting log where I am nearly on target for 200 pieces completed this year, though I'll really have to accelerate to reach the challenging target of 300.

Project wise my AK47 army is getting closer to completion as I have some militia nearly finished painting and there will only be about 6 bases of infantry to do after that and the vehicles, 2 T55, 2 technicals and some transport. Flintloque, for this project I've nearly sorted out my Catalucian guerrillas and will also have a Catatonic priest done soon too. 

My WWII project is slightly held up as I'm looking for a good source of US armour decals as there are plenty of sets of the stars available and other bulk things but not of the vehicle serial numbers, etc the way there is for German or British vehicles. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Finished Terrain - hedges

5 sections - 4 15cm and 1 7.5cm 

Size comparison to Revell 20mm US Infantryman and King Fernando from my Flintloque collection. 

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Terrain making - hedges part 2

Tools and materials. I use a hot glue gun to stick down the pieces of twig then PVA to stick on the scourer. I cut the scourer with scissors and also tear and distress the pieces by hand. The cardboard ground pieces have already been coated thinly with polyfilla to give them a surface. 

Attaching the pieces of hedge with PVA.

5 bases now painted with art shop Burnt Umber paint.