Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Painting update 2 April

Some more miniatures finished and some further work on the terrain pieces, with at least the copse of trees done. 

AK47 Republic regulars in Russian helmet, this is pre flocking with the base painted in Burnt Sienna, with  a wash of Burnt Umber and a dry brush of Burnt Sienna mixed with white.

The finished article with flock applied to the base. 

The mortar bases that make up the rest of the unit.

And finished with flock

Sydney Roundwood with the base painted in Burnt Umber with a dry brush of White and Burnt Umber.

And finished with flock so recently applied that it still has the PVA glue showing white

The standing stones with the initial painting for the basework. I'll do a bit more work before flocking it.

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