Monday, April 28, 2014

Long Flintloque

I played a first game of Two Hour Wargames' Long Rifle Rules today, with my Ferach section running into an ignominious defeat at the hands of the Joccian defenders.

A few photos were taken, but I decided not to use them as they didn't really give enough detail to see what was going on. Bad rolls on the terrain table meant we had a more or less open field which was not helpful for the attackers. I'd rolled open rather than wooded terrain, and the only features found were a number of roads, 1 hill and 2 buildings one of which was the objective.

I did what terrain was required by drawing onto a paper tablecloth (3 ft square) bought in a pack of 4 from a pound store, apart from the buildings where I had some paper craft ones ready.

My Ferach Elves were lead by Sous-Lieutenant Armand Tarte (Rep 4) with Chasseurs Haricot (Rep4), Legume(Rep3) and Aubergine(Rep3), they were opposed by 4 Joccian highlanders with a Rep4 leader and all the 3 privates at Rep3.

I had the Raid scenario as the attacker and unfortunately due to the very low amount of cover got shot up leading to a failure to complete the task. I'll not treat this as the start of a campaign though Tarte is intended to be used for a campaign with Long Rifle, but as this was a first play of the rules I thought that would be harsh to treat it as his real exploits.

I'm now looking forward to trying out some more games with these rules and also the Muskets and Mowhawks rules for larger actions once I have some more figures painted.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Painting update 25 April

My first piece of armour completed for WWII.

Armourfast StuGIIIG painted with Vallejo Model Color 824 German Camo Ochre, 826 German Camo Medium Brown, 890 Reflective Green, tracks painted with Panzer Aces 302 Dark Rust, washed with black then dry brushed with Panzer Aces 301 Light Rust, Model Color 983 Flat Earth and Panzer Aces 315 Light Mud.

Built for a Guild Wargames forum speed build pretty much straight from the box, when I build the other one from the box it will get a much more detailed build.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Painting Update 20 April

Another painting update in what is turning into my year of 15mm figures after last years 20mm focus. All figures from in the HoF Science Fiction range.  

Cultists - standard bearer, servant (with radio) and Holy Guard troopers

Cultist infantry

Back to historicals and Flintloque figures after this as I try and push on to get to half my annual target achieved, though these take me up to 95 completed. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

A quick build of some armour

What I'm building.

The major parts off the sprue.

The problem of the hatch - it will just drop through the cupola and it lacks details. 

Problem fixed with a couple of short strips of plastic card underneath and a hinge added from scrap sprue. The only trouble is that it looks very bare like this, so time to raid the spares box and do some scratch building of stowage.

And so the Germans don't get all the fun a Plastic Soldier Company M5A1 Stuart light tank build straight from the box. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Painting update 9 April

Another painting update as I've been productive of late.

King Fernando of Catalucia - a figure I picked up on ebay as it is a limited production Flintloque figure.
Quite pleased with how he's come out. 

Regiment del Nino Cisco command figures, 2 officers and 2 NCO. All Flintloque figures from Alternative Armies. 

Regiment del Nino Cisco Line - showing the back view on the first 

Alternative Armies Zombie and Dwarf with fire pots. 

20mm Caesar Miniatures German Infantry in shelter quarters, these all have MP44. 

Three more of the Caesar figures, 1 with MP40 and 3 with rifles. 

The last of the Caesar figures I painted up. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Painting update 2 April

Some more miniatures finished and some further work on the terrain pieces, with at least the copse of trees done. 

AK47 Republic regulars in Russian helmet, this is pre flocking with the base painted in Burnt Sienna, with  a wash of Burnt Umber and a dry brush of Burnt Sienna mixed with white.

The finished article with flock applied to the base. 

The mortar bases that make up the rest of the unit.

And finished with flock

Sydney Roundwood with the base painted in Burnt Umber with a dry brush of White and Burnt Umber.

And finished with flock so recently applied that it still has the PVA glue showing white

The standing stones with the initial painting for the basework. I'll do a bit more work before flocking it.