Monday, March 31, 2014

Workbench - terrain, Flintloque, WWII and more

Lots of assorted work in progress from my different wargames projects.


A couple of terrain pieces as my first thing. A small copse of trees/wood for 10/15mm figures using trees from Minibits obtainable from Pendraken miniatures and a set of standing stones inspired by this article from Orcs in the Webbe. Both use old CD-R that are no longer useful and I'll next probably do an oasis in 15mm for my Hordes of the Things Fantasy Arab army.

The groundwork is an experiment for me using polyfiller (spackle for the US reader) ready mixed plaster filler for the ground work. This will be getting a coat of thinned PVA glue then painted with artists acrylics.

Standing stones kit of parts.

Standing stones fastened down with hot glue.

Copse of trees - aka Sydney Roundwood


All still WIP as I've not got far with a lot of miniatures yet this year. 

Flintloque - the artist Goyah and King Fernando of the Dark Elves.

Regiment del Nino Cisco command

Regiment del Nino Ciso line

Caesar WWII German Infantry in shelter capes

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