Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Painting Update - late March

And finally I get some more figures finished and lots more ready to work on.

Finished 22 15mm AK47 Republic figures from Peter Pig. 6 bases of regular infantry with small arms and 2 bases of RPG. I've decided on a basing scheme of 3 infantry for each small arms base, 2 figures on each RPG base and 3 figures plus the weapon for heavy weapons crews so at a glance I can see what is what. This will be the core of the first regular infantry unit. As they look a little murky on the basecoat and wash approach I may try either lightening the base colours a little or doing a dry brush of the base colour after the wash on the next set.

On the workbench I've got another 4 bases of regular small arms and 2 bases of regular mortars for this project, plus Flintloque figures (mainly Catalucians but also my first Ottermen), 15mm ACW, 15mm SF from and 20mm WWII with some vehicles that hopefully I'll finally get done plus 12 German infantry in shelter quarters from Ceasar miniatures.

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