Monday, March 31, 2014

Workbench - terrain, Flintloque, WWII and more

Lots of assorted work in progress from my different wargames projects.


A couple of terrain pieces as my first thing. A small copse of trees/wood for 10/15mm figures using trees from Minibits obtainable from Pendraken miniatures and a set of standing stones inspired by this article from Orcs in the Webbe. Both use old CD-R that are no longer useful and I'll next probably do an oasis in 15mm for my Hordes of the Things Fantasy Arab army.

The groundwork is an experiment for me using polyfiller (spackle for the US reader) ready mixed plaster filler for the ground work. This will be getting a coat of thinned PVA glue then painted with artists acrylics.

Standing stones kit of parts.

Standing stones fastened down with hot glue.

Copse of trees - aka Sydney Roundwood


All still WIP as I've not got far with a lot of miniatures yet this year. 

Flintloque - the artist Goyah and King Fernando of the Dark Elves.

Regiment del Nino Cisco command

Regiment del Nino Ciso line

Caesar WWII German Infantry in shelter capes

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Painting Update - late March

And finally I get some more figures finished and lots more ready to work on.

Finished 22 15mm AK47 Republic figures from Peter Pig. 6 bases of regular infantry with small arms and 2 bases of RPG. I've decided on a basing scheme of 3 infantry for each small arms base, 2 figures on each RPG base and 3 figures plus the weapon for heavy weapons crews so at a glance I can see what is what. This will be the core of the first regular infantry unit. As they look a little murky on the basecoat and wash approach I may try either lightening the base colours a little or doing a dry brush of the base colour after the wash on the next set.

On the workbench I've got another 4 bases of regular small arms and 2 bases of regular mortars for this project, plus Flintloque figures (mainly Catalucians but also my first Ottermen), 15mm ACW, 15mm SF from and 20mm WWII with some vehicles that hopefully I'll finally get done plus 12 German infantry in shelter quarters from Ceasar miniatures.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wargames Projects - an addiction

Thinking about the wargames projects that I have in various stages of completion I started to create myself a list just so I could get a clear picture of what remains to be done. It has shown me that despite my best efforts I've easily succumbed to the habit of the wargaming butterfly of starting new projects without finishing others. Though in 20mm with WWII it is hard to actually cover everything unless you are very strict about which campaign you are gaming.

Now to resist the siren call of a few other periods like the Old West, WWI and skirmish actions in Africa.

All scales/periods
  • Base terrain and gaming boards - started buying paints and materials. 
  • Planning game specific requirements, e.g. Hordes of the Things Strongholds, terrain elements for AK47 Republic and Battles in the Age of War
  • Flintloque - actually progressing at least with painting plenty of miniatures. 
  • Feudal/Medieval - most of my collection is painted I just need to decide on whether to rebase and make a few additions and complete the last unpainted figures. 
  • Fantasy - mostly painted, just want to see that I've got enough stuff together to field a couple of warbands for Song of Blades and Heroes. 
  • Erin - Irish myth cycle. Got enough miniatures to play and the rules, now just need to get painting. 
  • Samurai - bought a number of minis but I need to settle on rules and composition of units to progress this one. 
  • World War II late war Western Front (Ardennes & Hurtgen Forest) - lots of US and German infantry painted up, just need some vehicles and support weapons and I'm well set up. 
  • WWII Normandy campaign - still planning really though I do have German infantry, weapons and vehicles I can use. 
  • WWII Eastern Front - Still more of a plan though I do have some miniatures painted. 
  • Biblical era DBA - Hebrew, Philistine and Egyptians. Minis bought now just need to paint them up.
  • SF - got a fair number of the minis painted and a couple of sets of rules so really time to get some games running. 
  • American Civil War - lots in progress, just need to get some rebasing of some older minis done and a few guns, command and cavalry painted up and I can get games running. 
  • Hordes of the Things - about the only thing for these armies I need is appropriate strongholds and some terrain.
  • Battles in the Age of War - Samurai. A completely non started project apart from getting all the minis together. 
  • AK47 Republic -got an army pack so don't require minis and now started on painting so progress is there. 

10mm - all still at the stage of minis bought but no further progress.

  • Spanish Civil War
  • French and Indian War
  • Colonial (Zulu War)