Sunday, February 02, 2014

Scarlet Heroes RPG. My first time on kickstarter

Well the new Scarlet Heroes rpg on Kickstarter has given me the thrill of actually backing one for the first time. It looks promising as an RPG designed for one on one (single player plus GM) or small party gaming with a toolkit of rules that can be used with most of the OSR D&D clones or Basic/eXpert D&D to help generate games. Another plus for me is a section on solo gaming which is always useful for me as a review writer and gamer with a schedule that makes it hard for me to do much face to face gaming.

I've now got the beta pdf to look at so more comments as I really start to absorb it.

My initial thoughts follow:

  • There is a setting included with most standard D&D style races like Dwarves, Elves, Halflings and Orcs. The human cultures include Chinese and Viking analogues, but there are some nice twists on the demi-humans to make them a bit less predictable than in many RPG. 
  • The encounter tables include additional detail for why the encounter has occurred, this will be useful to keep things interesting.
  • The bestiary contains a lot of different twists on creatures to help make things different from a standard D&D style fantasy game.
  • Experience is based on per session so characters will initially level up quite fast.
  • The combat system has got a number of tweaks that will make heroes a lot more powerful, especially at low levels than in a normal OSR game.

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