Thursday, January 09, 2014

Painting Update Jan 2014 no. 1

Hopefully my first update in January with more to come.
Lots in progress and a bit of stuff completed. 

The completed figures
- Alternative Armies Flintloque Zombies to complete my first unit.

Work in progress

Caesar Miniatures US Infantry (from their US Infantry Set II). Mainly riflemen with two rifle grenadiers and an NCO with Thompson. With these done I'll have pretty much a full US Infantry platoon for WWII finished so only support elements to add. 

Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVH in progress - at last I've got the skirts fitted so only final painting, applying decals and weathering to go. 

PSC Sdkfz251/1D halftracks - just needing some filling, stowage added and then painting and weathering.

Top view of an Sdkfz251/1 showing how crowded it is with the crew figures added. 

Flintloque project
My Dark Elves of Catalucia, starting with the Limited Edition figures for King Fernando and the Artist Goyah. I've decided that Goyah's hair and moustache will be brown rather than black so a bit of repainting needed. 

Guerillas of Santanda. Still to decide on the colour schemes for these figures. 

Regimenta del Nino Cisco - Infantry and Officers, though I inadvertently cut off one of the infantrymen at the right of the picture. These will be given dark blue coats and sky blue trousers for their uniform. 

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Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

Good start to the New Year and your forces are taking shape. Now will you paint the artist or will he paint you!