Thursday, January 23, 2014

Painting update 23 January

Another 8 figures completed to add to this years tally - up to 16/300 so plenty more work to do. 

Caesar WWII US Infantry - from their Set II for this subject. Completing my late war US Infantry Platoon. 

Work in progress follows:

Flintloque Regiment del Nino Cisco command

Regiment del Nino Cisco infantry - the second from right had his bayonet break so I'll show it getting repaired in my next post. 


Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

Good progress. Bayonets are a joy and a curse. I one got a Nina Cisco bayonet under the finger nail....


Dave said...

I'm actually really enjoying painting the Nino Cisco figures probably partly because I found Spanish uniforms to base them on with minimal amounts of white to paint. Looks like I might decide to reinforce them at Salute.