Monday, December 30, 2013

Gaming Projects - current and future.

Looking forward now that 2014 is coming soon I want to set myself some goals for my miniatures gaming. This is a mixture of painting pledges and a list of the games that I want to play.

Painting targets:
I want to beat the total that I painted in 2013, which should not be too hard to do as I will try and ensure that I have a bit more time to do it and organise it more effectively. I'll try and aim at completing at least 300 figures overall, with a stretch goal of 400.  As I'm going to include a lot of 15mm and 10mm figures in my projects they will help me get there a lot quicker.

Priorities for me will be finishing up enough 20mm WWII US and German Infantry, support weapons and armour to play Chain of Command and NUTS! which will only require small numbers of vehicles and things like individual HMG, mortars and field guns to be painted. Given that I have quite a few US infantry being cleaned up and I just need to get them onto the bench for painting this should be easy to achieve. At the moment I've got a few German vehicles nearly ready so I'll concentrate on the US vehicles as the next group.

Flintloque figures that I will paint up will initially be finishing off the rest of my Witchlands inantry followed by the Catalucians, this will be a couple of personalities, Nino Cisco militia and some guerillas. After that will be the Othari household troops and the Halfling Mamaluks. With the Othari as they are a bit minimal in the range of poses that I have I can see a few simple filler conversions to their headgear, robes and baggage coming up as it will be an easy way to make them less uniform.

In 15mm I have plenty of ACW figures to paint up, particularly needing to concentrate on command, artillery and cavalry as I do have around 100 infantry for each side which will allow me to fight some smaller actions.

My 10mm figures for the Spanish Civil War or French and Indian War may get started, but I suspect that the colonial troops British and Zulus will be first though it may be possible that I buy in some Mahdists from Pendraken soon.

I also want to paint up the Erin figures that I have from Alternative Armies as I have decent numbers of both the Sidhe and the Formorians to fight the skirmish size actions that the rules are designed for. These figures will also be useful in other fantasy games that I play.

Games to play:
Flintloque - now I've got a number of troops painted up I want to get these into some games, with a choice of Ferach or Todoroni to oppose my Joccians. Hopefully soon I'll get my Witchland's Zombies ready too so I can really ring the changes. In the rest of the year I should be getting my Othari foot and Halfling Mamaluks done so I can campaign in Aegypt, Catalucia and the Witchlands with the figures available.

Erin - I've got decent numbers of figures for the Sidhe and Formorians and think that I'll be able to get paint jobs onto them quite quickly as they are less fiddly than the Napoleonic style uniforms of the Flintloque miniatures and will also be useful for my plans to use Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures. 

Chain of Command - these new rules from Too Fat Lardies do appeal quite a bit and I know I am close to having enough German and US troops to use them with.

NUTS! - the platoon level WWII rules from Two Hour Wargames, particularly as I have a couple of the scenario packs for them, The Big Hurt and Blood on the Risers. This will be using the same figures and vehicles as Chain of Command.

OGRE/GEV - the old Steve Jackson designed boardgames as I find them a quick easy game but with a decent level of complexity and challenge.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Painting update of 2013 - some more completed figures

My last miniatures that I'll have time to complete in 2013, bringing my total up to 196 figures completed this year, so just missing the 200. Still a nice increase on 2012's figure though.

Flintloque figures
Witchlands command figures including Grigori Dracsul and Stalinov

Undead infantry. 

SHQ 20mm WWII German Infantry NCO and Panzerfausts.

SHQ 20mm WWII German MG34 on tripod and crew in greatcoats. 

15mm HOF Cultist Flamer and Peter Pig Pirate Hero

28mm Zombie and Elf Duellists from Alternative Armies.