Friday, November 29, 2013

Miniature Painting Update 29 November - more progress

Flintloque Ferach Elven Chasseurs of the Gardes, front and back views of most of these poses. I have now got a unit of 12 of these painted up and based.

HOF Cultist servant with a radio pack on his back, Cultist Minigun and SFA SMG trooper from

Two out of production Alternative Armies Orcs

Two Alternative Armies Skeleton warriors and in the centre an executioner figure that I believe may be another out of production Alternative Armies figure

Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP - November - at last some more minis completed

At last I have got some of the many miniatures that I have been working on finished - these are a mixture of fantasy 25mm mainly from Alternative Armies, but also a lot of 15mm SF from the Hordes of the Future (HoF) range from

two dwarves of uncertain make, Alternative Armies elf duellist, Heritage dwarf archer

Alternative Armies Orc heavy infantry - these are currently out of production but I picked them up on ebay.

HOF - Security Force Alpha Comms trooper, Colonel and Sergeant

HOF Security Force Alpha - Heavy Laser trooper, Shotgun trooper, Trigun trooper, Missile trooper and Sniper

HOF Security Force Alpha - SMG troopers with front and rear views of each pose

HOF Medics - front view -they have a red cross on the back of their tunics.

HOF Cultists - Official, Overseer and Propagandatron

HOF Cultists - SMG and a Missile armed trooper