Monday, May 06, 2013

Painting Update and WiP May

Lots of stuff now getting started for May. Apologies for the photo quality but as the paintjobs haven't started I'll get better ones using the tripod as things are progressing. 

SHQ GR69 Officer, Riflegrenadier and Sniper

SHQ - GR61 MG42 team moving. 

Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz251 crew

Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV

SHQ GW6 MMG team in Greatcoats. - parts for the tripod. Unfortunately I lost part of the tripod in cleaning up so I've had to use wire to replace the missing part. 

Tripod assembled 

Tripod with the MG34 barrel used. There is an MG42 included too but to give this the widest range of use I used the MG34. 

The crew figures. Commander, gunner and loader.